Welcome to the Now Now

For the 21st Annual Webby Awards, CP+B was selected to determine the event’s overall theme. We landed on The Now Now - the idea of being even more “now” than right this second. Because you only get to the Webby Awards by being the freshest fresh around; winners are so far ahead of the curve they’re looking at the back of their own heads. Because the nothing, quite possibly in the Earth’s history, has followed an arc as aggressively progressive as the internet. And nobody in history, therefore, has ever been as progressive as those Webby-winning internet-ers who are living truly in The Now Now.

We paired up with Mondial to produce the opening video (above) as well as the bumpers (below) played between each award category. We were scrappy and we were quick; between our small 4-person CPB team of producer + 3 creatives, as well as Mondial’s friends + family, and the local Midlothian, VA population - we were able to produce all video deliverables over the course of the 2 1/2 weeks from director award to award show.

We also worked with London illustrator Supermundane to create the print materials for the event: winners mailing kits, event programs, posters, red carpet step and repeat banners, postcards, etc. The incredible stage designer David Korins also worked with our designs to create the Webbys stage for the event at Cipriani New York.